Rapid response and recovery in a variety of procedures

  • Demonstrated results in spine, ortho, ENT, cardiac, and other procedures1-10
  • Rapid onset in 1 to 2 minutes1
  • Rapid response to dose adjustment1
  • Rapid recovery from Remi effects in 5 to 10 minutes1
  • No accumulation regardless of infusion duration1

Rapid offset of Remi results in rapid dissipation of analgesic effect within 5-10 minutes of discontinuation. However, respiratory depression may occur in some patients up to 30 minutes after termination of infusion due to residual effects of concomitant anesthetics. Other analgesics should be administered prior to discontinuation where postoperative pain is anticipated.

Remi produces adverse events that are characteristic of μ-opioids, such as respiratory depression, apnea, tachycardia, bradycardia, hypotension, hypertension, and skeletal muscle (including chest wall) rigidity.

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